Longboard Vineyards was established in 1998 by Oded Shakked.  A walking melting pot, Oded was born in Israel and has lived and worked (and surfed) on four continents. He fell in love with northern Sonoma County in the late 1980's and in his words: "I felt roots growing from the bottom of my feet."

With more than thirty years spent making wine - Oded is as stoked as ever every time a harvest approaches. To him, winemaking is a perfect combination of Art, Science and Agriculture; a craft that keeps you on your toes and never ceases to teach you something new - just like surfing does.

Oded loves to share things absorbed from his international exposure. "Talk Story" is an expression used in Hawaiian culture, it encompasses more than just chatting and sharing experiences - transcending into the realm of passing the wisdom of ages to future generations. At Longboard, Oded loves to engage in conversations with folk visiting our tasting room, sharing his winemaking knowledge and encouraging everyone to trust their own palates.

Warm, confident, independent, refined but down-to-earth; Oded's personality is reflected in every wine he makes.

Longboard Vineyards Video

Right around our tenth harvest, in 2008, Mary Orlin and the crew from NBC came to Longboard to do a segment for the series "In Wine Country".  We had fun doing the segment but forgot about it pretty fast as the 2008 recession hit a month later and changed everything....  Well, I still own the Woodie and I continue to restore and collect old surfboards.  The only thing that changed is that we make more and better tasting wines these days...

Podcast - Wine for normal people

If you have some time and want to listen to a great discussion about what wine is really about for us then follow this link to the podcast of an interview of Oded by Elizabeth Schneider of "WINE FOR NORMAL PEOPLE".  A Classic!

Oded's Bio

Sitting With Pat Kelly

Here is another recent video segment we did in Houston



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